Environment Policy Statement

William Kirk Limited is committed to reducing our impact on the environment during our day to day commercial activities. We believe that by making employees aware of the impact we have on the environment as well as advising them what we can do as a company to minimise our carbon footprint then together we will make a valued contribution to improving the global environment.

The management of the company continually review activities and investigate new alternatives where additional environmental benefits could be gained.

Fleet operations:

  • Drivers: The company is committed to assist drivers improve their vehicle MPGs by training driving staff to give them the skills necessary to drive in a manner that maximises fuel used.
    Vehicles are fitted with the HAULTECH telematics system that allows the company to review driver and vehicle performance and the company is committed to retrain drivers as necessary where deficiencies are identified.
    Direct delivery vehicles are routed in the most cost effective manner to keep mileage travelled to a minimum.
    The William Kirk transport desk is committed to loading vehicles to fill all space available and by back-loading vehicles when away from home they keep empty running to a minimum.
    William Kirk uses the Palletline network to reduce own vehicle mileage. By consolidating small consignments using double deck trailers delivering to the Birmingham hub, vehicle delivery mileage is reduced dramatically.


  • All vehicles and trailers are fitted with aerodynamic accessories which help reduce fuel usage.
    William Kirk specifies the fitting of fuel saving tyres whenever possible.


The company adopts an environmental approach to the disposal of consumables used in the process of our business. We recycle tyres, oil, Batteries as well as disposing of general waste and scrap metal responsibly.

The Adlington site:

  • The truck wash is designed to use grey water as well as rain water reducing the use of mains water for this industrial application.
  • William Kirk is in the process of reviewing all site light fittings to low energy units which will reduce site electricity usage by over 50%.
  • Employees are encouraged to adopt a responsible approach to the environment both at work and at home. Recent initiatives include: improved management of the central heating using a timer, reusing paper whenever possible, printing documents when essential and using both sides of the paper to print on. 10% of employees cycle to work.

The environmental project for William Kirk is led by Managing Director, Carl Wagstaffe.